Criminal Mineral

by Arachnote

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I was taking the train into New York City one morning, as I’ve done every morning for the past five years. Shortly into my ride, my pulse was pounding and adrenaline was surging through my body - because my system still didn’t know the difference between a simple morning commute and a life-or-death situation. Like a terrible old friend that had been mooching off my family for generations, Anxiety sat next to me on that train, put its arm around me and began whispering that it would always be with me.

I don’t like moochers. I told Anxiety that not only would I continue to go out in public, but that the adrenaline it was constantly asking me to shoulder was now mine. I used it to write “Comorbid” and the rest of this demo. I hope you enjoy it.


released December 4, 2015

Arachnote is a pseudonym. All lyrics and music written by Arachnote; all instruments and vocals performed by Arachnote. All artwork by Amanda Panicali ( Click on each song for different track art and lyrics.



all rights reserved


Arachnote New York, New York

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Track Name: EightyEight
Be strong, girl
His aim is fair
Back to back,
he can feel the wind in your hair
Ten paces,
Ten chances to turn

I made my bed so they could lie in it;
I hear them laughing at me still
The angel said,
“He lives inside your head”
It’s time to take him down, take him down a few

Reflections in liquid stone;
If you win tonight,
you can go back home
He’s hoping you’ll miss the mark
But you can see in the dark
Track Name: Keep Moving
I close my eyes
Four thousand years slip through my mind
My memories hold the evidence of time

Your face familiar,
your hands so cold
My debt is old

Safe, in my garden
Safe, in the way I pray
In my name
It’s the same
In the subtle way I shame
Track Name: 3D Glasses
The money is warm in my hand;
Expressions shifting like sand
My footsteps are loud in my head
Did I wake up this morning?

Spotlight is on me

The fight inside on overdrive is calling me
to dance in places that shake my bones

My skin begins crawling like ants are inside of my veins
My heart begins pounding like ghosts have been calling my name
Can I take care of myself?
Suit up, only one way to tell

Spotlight is on me

The fight inside on overdrive is calling me
to dance in places that shake my bones
When all was said and done, I knew I couldn’t run
The magnifying glass is my greatest teacher

It’s been a long road, but I claimed it
If it won’t leave, then I’ll make it my eyes
A long road, a long road, a long road…
Track Name: Comorbid
They tell me, “Let it go now”
I grew skin around it so I think it’s mine
Hold me, feel the static
Thoughts keep running, burning trails inside my mind

I’m not that fragile when it starts to ride
I let it eat me from the inside
When there’s nothing left of me to fear
I hold my hands up to the dark sky and I
Am a power adapter

And it’s slow going, sticky footsteps
quicksand takes the speed from all I do
Hold me, feel the silence
like a training weight I’ve been hiding from you my whole life

You’re not alone
Just tonight I lay awake in thought of all the things that
I’d done wrong
Remember what you came here for
Track Name: Centuries
Almost out the door
It could’ve been the wind, but then again
my hands are shaking
They said they knew me well
I don’t know how they know

Taking shade with the tree that puts its roots inside the stone
My higher thoughts have told me to go home

Tell me, have you known me all my life?
Were you waiting for the right time?
I hope you know what you’re doing
I’ll lay my life in your hands
There’s no better way to say I hear you

Centuries of running away from my thoughts
I’ll find it in my heart to forgive me
And I know it’s bad to worry
it gives you little lines
in the corners of your mind
Track Name: Standalone System
I don’t know why it took so long
I’d heard the voices
every one but my own

When I stopped to listen, didn’t recognize what I heard
My voice so quiet
hardly understood the words

Pity that I didn’t hear you calling me till now
The guests had all gone home, and I finally whispered to the empty house,
“You can come out now.”
Track Name: Phantom Power
I walked through the valley with my music in hand
My eyes still closed
I sensed there was silence in the words that I spoke
Oh, you and I both

White light is an island in my mind
and it grows and grows and grows
Bright steel on the fortress of my life
and it’s so hard to know

Come with me, and I will show you where it lies

It’s like a pulse beat through a field of snow
and when the bass comes, you know
You’ve been sitting on the pendulum with your head hung
While a fire tries to rage
My heart becomes a brazen thing
My ventricles, like tentacles, attempt to mend my broken wings

I walked to the tower with my hands at my sides
My eyes still closed
Someone told me, "Hold your head up high. There is nothing to be afraid of."

The pendulum brought me to my knees, and I said,
“I dare you to keep me here.”